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The Purpose of the Community Marriage Initiatives Fund is to encourage, promote, and support community-wide implementation of Marriage Ministries as a way to strengthen marriages and reduce county-wide divorce rates


Current Grant Opportunity – Applications Due August 10, 2022

The CMI Fund is pleased to announce its second round of grant opportunities in 2022 – with an application due date of August 10, 2022.   The purpose of this grant opportunity is to fund non-profit organizations who already have some track record of assisting churches implement marriage ministries, who want to expand that work, who want to replicate one specific model, and who have a goal to drive down their county’s divorce rate. This is a capacity-building grant, designed to equip, empower and position these organizations to be able to raise additional funding in the future once they have a critical mass of programs in their community.


Eligible Applicants:  Non-profit organizations within the United States

Amount of Funding and Project Period:  An organization is eligible to receive a maximum grant allocation from the CMI Fund up to $100,000 to fund a project that will span three years, with expected funding levels of up to $30,000 in Year 1, $50,000 in Year 2 and $20,000 in Year 3.

Number and Timing of Grant Awards.  Because different organizations will be at different stages of readiness to apply for and begin implementing these grant projects, the current plan is to award approximately ten of these grants in each of the years of 2022, 2023, and 2024 - for a total expected funding availability of up to $3 million across 30 organizations.  The application deadlines for the next two rounds of funding are 11:59 pm ET on:

Application                                    Grant Period

                Round #           Due Date                                       Begins

                     2                  August 10, 2022                             September 1, 2022

3                  March 10, 2023                               April 1, 2023

Similar dates are expected in 2023 and 2024; organizations are encouraged to apply in whichever round best fits their state of readiness.

Application Process.  The first step in the application process is to download and read the 6-page Request For Proposal (RFP), by clicking on the Download RFP button: 

Application Contents:  As described in the RFP, the application will consist of two parts:

  • Part #1 consists of Narrative Descriptions, with a maximum of 6 pages, single spaced

  • Part #2 consists of a set of filled-out Forms, available here:

    • Table A2- Breakout by Denominations/Religions

    • Table A3 – Information about Historical Divorce Rates   

    • Form E1 – Church Assessments for Marriage and Relationship Ministries

    • Form E2 – Sample Letter of Support for Churches

    • Table E3 – Compilation of Church Assessments

    • Form F1 – 1-page Bio of Key Team Members

    • Form F2 – 1/3 page Bio of other Team Members

    • Certifications Sheet  

Description of the Model to be Replicated

The RFP refers to a specific model that has been shown to be effective in driving down county-wide divorce rates in three different situations:

  • In Orange County, California from 2002 to 2007

  • In Jacksonville, Florida, from 2015 to 2018

  • In Live the Life’s “7&7” project in North Florida starting in 2021

This model was the subject of a presentation at the July 2018 NARME (National Association of Relationship and Marriage Education) conference.   To learn more about the model, you are encouraged to either watch the video of that presentation or to read the transcript of that presentation.  To view the 37-minute video, click here.  To download the transcript, click here.  To download the handout for the presentation (which we recommend, especially if you are reading the transcript) click here.  

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